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Here at Western Kentucky Whitetails, our number one goal is to make sure that every hunter that comes searching for his/her buck of a lifetime, leaves with an experience that will live for generations.

Eric has been hunting whitetails for over 20 years. From chasing whitetails and exotics down in south Texas to chasing whitetails all the way into Pennsylvania. With the knowledge he's gained he has great confidence that he can put you up close and personal with that buck of a lifetime.

With around 2,000 acres of hardwoods, rolling hills, bean fields and River Bottoms these deer have everything needed to grow the B&C racks that we all desire. We encourage all of our hunters to shoot 4 year old bucks that are at least 140’’ or better. We put a lot of time and effort in growing big deer, so please help us by following the guidelines set forth.

We allow no more than 30 hunts a year on our farms to maintain a high success rate and very low pressure on the deer. We will never be the outfitter who runs a 100 hunters through camp every year at $1,500 a head. No fun in being the 65th guy to sit in a stand that year.

We are looking instead for the true sportsman who is looking to hunt big deer on this all inclusive hunting trip. We take pride in providing to our clients a nice lodge, great southern hospitality and great food while you are here.

We typically book out fairly early every year due to only taking a select few hunters. If you are serious about hunting Giant Western Kentucky Whitetails on one of our managed farms, you need to call and reserve your spot ASAP.